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Name: Cinders
Age: over 18
Personal Journal:
AIM: ToonPrince

Name: Snow Villiers
Canon: Final Fantasy XIII
Age: 21
Timeline: Chapter 9, right before Snow and crew board the Palamecia
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: N/A
Personality: Upon first impression, Snow Villiers is a man who people take as being hot-headed, reckless, and even optimistic to the point of naivety. In fact, even Lightning, Sazh, and Vanille seem to believe that Snow is just full of talk. At times, they're right. It is just talk. He talks big and loud and doesn't back down even when he might be wrong. While his heart is in the right place, and he wants to be the hero that can be able to protect/save everyone, this is the kind of behavior that others take the wrong way.

Words can hold their own power, and this is something that Snow really hits home such as when he refuses to give up on Serah after she goes into Crystal Statis and reminds everyone in his party that she wasn't dead but "given the gift of eternal life". He proclaimed loud and clear that he believed in her, and he wasn't about to change that for anything. He promised her that he'd stick with her to the bitter end, and thus not even Lightning's doubts and her anger at what she thinks is "blind optimism or Snow not facing reality", or even the criticism he receives from everyone else, could manage to put any kind of damper on his ideals.

And back during the Purge when everyone was willing to just sit down and give up, Snow jumped in with his group of friends to save the people Sanctum was going to slaughter and gave them a reason to fight again by telling them they would "all be going home together". Even though this might cause others to misunderstand his intentions, the truth of the matter is Snow needs to talk, even if sometimes it can cause himself or even others to suffer the consequences.

Lightning expresses disdain or contempt for Snow and his ideals and dreams of wanting to be a hero, seeing it even as his being "arrogant and unreliable" and regards how he behaves as more or less reckless or stupid. Granted, her practical view is more realistic, but Snow just wants to do what is right.

Truthfully there are times where his lack of foresight filters into his speeches, and that's when it spells trouble. He ended up learning the hard way that you need a plan to back up the talk with, or else things can go awry, and go awry quickly. Civilian casualties and Nora Estheim, Hope's mother, ended up being the cost of one such blunder and it wasn't an error he'd willingly repeat.

He knew he was to blame, and yet his idea was to "keep moving forward", and eventually if he kept running from the guilt enough to atone for his actions, he might have the answers he needs. When asked by Hope how he could pay or make things right if someone ends up dying, Snow impetuously says: "I can't, all right? There is nothing that can make something like that right again. When someone's dead, when someone's gone, words are useless." Unfortunately, that only made the situation far worse. But the truth of the matter is, as he said to Hope, he had no idea how to fix things. It is a sad, but realistic fact, that there are times even when Heroes fail.

To reiterate, Snow often seems to give the impression that he's full of bluster rather than actually serious, but when push comes to shove Snow is a man who really believes in what he says. True, there are times where what he says is just talk, but this stems not only as a motivation to boost others' morale or their hope, but his own. He needs to believe in something more than anything, and so do the others. This is also a big reason why he tries his hardest to never show how badly he regrets, or feels guilty over his actions.

Behind the cheerful mask and his passionate exterior, deep down he hides all the tangle of emotions he has as a result of his own recklessness. Even if he's boldly claimed "Since when have heroes ever needed plans?" deep down even he knows when he's messed up. Sadly, this is a big part of himself that he knows needs work. Hope ended up hating him and wanting to take revenge on him as a result of his foolish words, and even Snow later admitted that "I was using that as an excuse, so I could run from my own guilt."

A self-proclaimed hero who at times can give the impression he is invincible, at heart Snow knows he can't always live up to others' or even his own expectations. On a deeper level, Snow beats himself up when he can't uphold his promises. He wants to be the hero that everyone believes in, since he knows everyone needs someone or something to keep them going. Especially because he doesn't feel that the authorities (Sanctum or PSICOM) know what's best. This is why he is the leader of his own little group called "NORA", or "No Obligations, Rules, or Authority". He thinks living life and being free is the best way to go, and he'd rather do his own thing than let anyone tell him otherwise. Within reason. He just believes that he can do a lot of good on his own, and through his own efforts. This is why he's a man of action. Because what better way to achieve that than "be" that kind of hero? These views are, however, a little misguided. They're far too idealistic because no matter what Snow can say, even he knows that people will die no matter what he does. He just wants to be able to save Cocoon, Serah, and everyone. He wants to be the person who ends up being courageous and brave and who others look up to. He hates disappointing others, and feels even worse when as a result of his words or his actions, it affects others in a negative way. And there are times where he's angry at himself, but feels helpless or guilty to the point where he doesn't know what steps to take so he believes "moving forward" can make things "eventually work out." Really, until someone really starts poking at his flawed logic about this, Snow can be pretty stubborn and thick-headed.

To his credit, Snow has a really big heart, and wears his heart on his sleeve most of the time. He'll openly cry at times, or even buckle down to his knees if something looms so large he can't rightly cope with it like when he found out that Serah had become a l'Cie, which was a fate worse than death. It's not that he's trying to be dramatic. It's just the way he is. He can't help but talk bluntly either, and even if it frustrates others due to his lack of tact, Snow is just a very outspoken person with some very big emotions, and they contribute a lot to how he dives into things headfirst. He's not afraid to show how he feels, and that's why even after Serah tells him they can't be together he begs her for a reason and tells her how much he needs her. He can also get quite sappy, as when he proposed to Serah he made a very big gesture of sentimentality and romance, not only getting her their engagement necklaces, but getting down on one knee with tears in his eyes and telling her that she is "his one and only" and that he will be hers "forever."

He's very loyal, devoted, and will do anything for the people he cares about. Even after Hope nearly stabs him he still jumps off the building and saves him without being prompted, taking most of the damage onto himself and even managing fulfill his promise of getting Hope home. In fact, he goes so far as to put others' needs above his own and practically forgets he has any himself. Snow can be said to be very self-sacrificing in this way. One might even say he is defined by his love and for Serah and his compassion for others. Saving Cocoon becomes one of his biggest priorities once he believes that is his Focus as a l'Cie, and that is why he's driven to the point of single-mindedness despite what anyone else says.

And, while many are drawn to his boisterous bearing, his fearless nature, and his relentless enthusiasm—and Snow is a man who has a great deal of friends because of this—he still is seen as an irresponsible idiot at times. While some see these traits as great strengths, they could also still be considered great faults. Truthfully, aside from his friendly, energetic, and charming demeanor, using his friendliness and his go-getter, care-free attitude as a means of dealing with most situations and his optimistic, upbeat personality as a way to get others to go along with him in whatever he ends up doing, he doesn't know if people would accept his faults just as they do his strengths. As a result, the more dire a situation is at times, the more optimistic and nonchalant he tries to force himself to be. Again, this can lead to problems. However, it's not that he's trying to posture. He really is just the kind of person who feels a certain way about something and communicates those feelings about it strongly. And he knows when he needs to act or look strong for others' sakes, and to "be the hero" that he likes to say he is.

Background: Snow Villiers

Abilities: -As himself, pre-l'Cie: Fighting-wise, Snow will dive headlong into any situation using nothing but his powerful physique as a weapon. Before ending up a l'Cie, he preferred to fight solely with his fists, and is something of a "tank" in terms of having high strength and HP. He used AMP (Antimatter Manipulation Principle) technology to enhance his powers, this attached to his coat and depending on the emblem gives different attributes/gave him more strength.

-As a l'Cie: After becoming l'Cie, he ends up gaining a considerable amount of new abilities and paradigms. His primary strength is in the Sentinel role, drawing on enemy attacks and playing a defensive role, though he does a decent job of using Commando and Ravager, too. Both are assaulting more than defensive roles, although the Ravager role employs elemental offensive spells. When Snow uses Commando he attacks with his powerful fists. As a Ravager, he uses Water, Ice, and Wind magic. And, as a Sentinel, he'll act as a shield, provoking foes into focusing his attacks on him in order to allow his allies an opportunity to strike.

His primary/noteworthy fighting traits are that he is very strong and has incredible stamina, having the highest HP growth out of party members in Final Fantasy XIII. And it's been thoroughly shown that even after having spent an entire afternoon fleeing to avoid getting caught by PSICOM when running through Palumpolum, getting blasted off a roof by Hope and explosives, falling down from an incredible height off the building, catching Hope in mid-air and then landing painfully on his back, Snow was still able to carry Hope on his back for nearly the rest of the journey back to Hope's place in Felix Heights.

There's also his Eidolon to consider. Using a heart-shaped summoning crystal, Snow can summon a pair of Eidolons who aid him in battle and heal him, known as the Shiva Sisters aka the Twin Sisters of Shiva. Specifically named they are Stiria and Nix, Stiria being the darker-skinned, elder sister with a light patch around her eye with Nix being the younger, lighter-skinned sister who has a dark patch around her eye. The sisters are two spirits of Ice, supporting Snow each in their respective roles, with Stiria as both the Medic and Ravager roles, while Nix plays up the Commando role. They are also able to join together as a motorcycle in their Gestalt Mode that Snow can both fight and ride on.

First Person: Hey! This thing on?

[There's a slight echo and it sounds like he's in a really vast open area, but evidently the audio worked.]

Name's Snow. Not sure how this works exactly, but…oh, here we go.

[And his big fingers somehow managed to make the PCD work for him. Have a shaggy-haired blonde with big blue eyes staring up at the screen up close. Man, you didn't need to see every individual hair of stubble on his chin, now did you? Well, that's what high definition video does for you.]

Here's the situation. I'm new here and I could use a lift. Thing is. Not…sure where I am. Left my flyer at home. Pity really, because I'm thinkin' town's real, real far away. If you need repayment, I have gil. Or…we can work something out. Not sure if that's gonna cut it, but it's something. Anyway. Up to you. I'm gonna be right here, in the case anyone has any questions.

[Even if he could rely on the Shiva sisters to get him somewhere, there was still a matter of coordinates, and well, he'd much rather see a friendly face than not. That was just Snow's way of doing things. Even while he himself wanted to be the hero others relied on, at times he had to ask for help. While he had to be cautious given he was a l'Cie, maybe he'd get lucky.

All he could do now was wait, and he let the video feed end, hoping a generous someone or a someone he knew would answer. As much as Snow might consider this planet to be Gran Pulse possibly, he remembered distinctly that Light and the others were just getting ready to launch a full-scale assault on the Palamecia as a way of forcing the Primarch's and the Fal'cie's hands into revealing their plans for Cocoon.]

Goes along with this thread from Adstringedum Test Meme

Third Person:


Snow flopped unceremoniously onto the seat of the bar. Sometimes the knowledge of what one knew could hit someone pretty hard. He considered himself an optimistic kind of fella, but this was almost too much. Hope could only sustain you so long. After a while, things could catch up with you or even start running together. One moment he'd been with the others at Lake Bresha on top of the world in thinking he'd fulfill Serah's mission of protecting and saving Cocoon like he promised, the next thing he knew he was here. Earth. Talk about a mix up in priorities. Had his new magic backfired?

"Hey. Mind getting me a cold one? Thanks." He said to the bar keep, tossing him a few gil onto the counter. It may not have been customary currency, but it was gold. Good enough, right?

A Sapporo beer was slid to him and he took it. May have been a little strange-tasting, but brew was brew no matter the land.

The worst of it was...Serah had to be waiting for him. Lightning and the others were counting on him. Heroes didn't just stop trying, right? But he had no idea how to get home. The whole school thing wasn't really for him. ...Maybe someone knew something about a good transportation vessel or a kind of teleportation magic so he could get back.

In the meantime, well. The best way he knew how to cope sometimes was just to sit back and have a drink. This time he really needed it. The knowledge of the Purge and what the Sanctum had orchestrated was too awful to bear for one man's shoulders, even if they were broad ones.

That entry follows along with this thread in a private game
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